Sapphire Eidolon is an Alliance guild on the Lightbringer-US realm on World of Warcraft.
Sapphire Eidolon is a casual and family-oriented raiding guild that has been around since July of 2016. Our guild is made up of different types of players, including those who prefer to quest and run dungeon groups and those who would prefer to raid on a casual basis. We have a mature family-type feel and we enjoy doing those things together as a guild as often as possible.
We’re constantly learning things about our class, specs, bosses, and raids, and we always help each other grow and get better, both individually and, more importantly, together. This allows us to have more solid and tight-knit raid teams that successfully progress through Legion content. With that being said, we aren’t a highly competitive guild because we want a laid back and casual atmosphere. We raid at specific times, but we all have lives outside of the game, which includes either family or school or work or a combination of some or all of these, and we will never penalize anyone for that. Our guild is a place for those of us who want to play the game without any harsh deadlines or time constraints.
We have this website, a Teamspeak voice server, and guild repairs available to all guild members. We aren’t a huge guild, but we like it that way. We take pride in our guild and make sure that it’s a great home for all of us! If a guildie needs something, we have it covered. There is a solid guild government system set in place with Officers who listen to each and every guild member. All guild decisions and changes are discussed with a council-type approach to ensure that it is in the best interest of our guild members and the guild as a whole.
Our Core Raid Team raids on Friday and Saturday nights at 8PM server time, and we have intentions on opening up a weekday raid team and another weekend raid team soon. All raid team members are required to have an account on this website and have Teamspeak installed.
If you are interested in becoming a member of Sapphire Eidolon, please click here to request a guild invitation! We are a friendly and welcoming group of friends and family who would love to extend you a guild invitation if you’re looking for a fun, family-oriented guild environment. After you fill out the form, a guild Officer will send you a friend request via Battle.net!

Sapphire Eidolon Guild Council